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Levihan of Thrones 3

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Levihan of Thrones 2

I know, Levi. The Red Wedding was hard on us all. 

Game of Thrones/ASOIAF fans, we know this feel. WE KNOW!! If you’re not familiar with the ASOIAF series, it’s one of the most notorious, “Everybody dies, and bad guys win” scenes in the series. Think, the Scouting Legion gets invited to a ball by the King and Central Military Police. And when they get there, the band starts playing “Vogel Im Kalfig”, and the whole Scouting Legion is slaughtered.

That’s The Red Wedding.

god poor armin

Shion had seen Nezumi’s tears for the first time. When he saw the boy choking on the unbearable tumult of his emotions, there was only one emotion that welled up inside Shion, and it was love. It was neither friendship nor adoration. Neither romance nor awe. Just love.
He felt an uncontrollable pull of love for the boy’s vulnerable tears. He wanted to protect him with his life.

*throws herself out window* NEZUSHIII


Omg I literally just realized this. Nezumi was still in critical condition when Shion got shot, and after he sang his song, he was just lying there next to Shion’s corpse and probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of that building even if he wanted to, which means he’d either die from his wounds or from shrapnel falling on top of him. HE LITERALLY GAVE UP ON ALL PROSPECT OF LIVING!!!!

you realized this now?!